We understand that it can sometimes be a little daunting booking anything with someone new. So we've put together a few answers to the most frequently asked questions here, so that you can feel confident that you're making the best decision for you.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, we will more than welcome a call or email so that we can help with your query firsthand.

Where are you based?
That depends what you're looking for. We've moved the business around a little over the last couple of years, so we appreciate we may have confused you if you've been to us before for anything.
Therapies by Jonny are now provided in Saltburn, from home, in a dedicated therapy space.
Workshops/training/meditation/yoga, these are all still in Guisborough, above what is now Hidden Gems. We handed over the Guisborough shop in 2016 to Jayne & Amy, and we no longer have any input into that at all. However, to attend any of our events in Guisborough, just head into Hidden Gems, and we're up the stairs!
Our retail business, is now fully online, and can be viewed at the link ONLINE SHOP.
Full addresses for all three elements of Serenity can be found on our How to Find Us page here.

Serenity Therapies FAQ's

I'm booked for a therapy/training in Saltburn, where do I park?

As you come into Tweed Street, there's a little layby on the right that you can park in, or anywhere on the left. Either way you'll be near our front door. There are no parking restrictions at this time.

I've tried booking a therapy online, but don't have Paypal to pay the deposit. Can I book over the phone?

Yes! However, you don't need a Paypal account to use it as a payment method. You can simply checkout as a guest. That said, some devices do not show this option, so you're more than welcome to call us.Not everyone can get away with booking online, and whether you prefer not to pay with Paypal, or if your device isn't compatible, or you just can't find what you're looking for in terms of appointment times, you can always call us on 07828 882798. If it's out of hours, send us an email at kat@my-serenity.co.uk or message us on Facebook whilst it's in your mind. You'll be surprised by how quickly we'll respond. 

Can me and my friend book in for treatments at the same time?

I'm afraid that's not possible in our Saltburn therapy space currently. Jonny is now the only therapist available, and can only massage one person at a time. He's good, but not that good. :)

If I book my husband in for a massage, is there somewhere I can wait for him?

We don't currently have a waiting area in our Saltburn therapy space, as we're working from our home. There are however, plenty of lovely places to visit in Saltburn, including many tea rooms. There is also a rather lovely woodland walk which starts just at the bottom of our street too, and can be taken at whatever pace you need to pass the time.  We'd be happy to make some recommendations based on whatever time you're visiting us, just drop us a line or call.

My Serenity, Guisborough FAQ's

I'm attending a workshop at Guisborough during the week. Where should I park?

If you're with us during the week for more than two hours, we recommend you use the car park behind Belmont House on Rectory Lane. It's at the end of New Road where Aldi and Iceland are, and is the closest council car park to us, and just a 2-3 minute walk onto Westgate. The car park fee is £3.00 on weekdays, unless you're with us during the Christmas parking period, in which case they're free after 1pm. This long-stay council car park and a couple of others are currently free all day on Saturday. If you're with us for just an hour or two, then you can park on Westgate itself for up to two hours, if you use a parking disc. These can be obtained from Sunnyfield House, and some other retailers. If you get stuck finding us at any point because you're unfamiliar with Westgate, call us on 07828 882798 and we'll be happy to guide you in. You're essentially heading towards Boyes, so anyone in town will be able to get you that far. 

I've got a booking with Kirsty for a massage at Guisborough, can I reschedule my appointment please?

Bookings with massage therapists in our Guisborough premises are managed by the therapist directly. We only deal with bookings for Kat & Jonny in Saltburn. If you've booked directly with them, they will have provided contact details for you, but if you get stuck, call us and we'll be able to give you that information.

I'd like to book on an event at Guisborough, can I just turn up and pay on the day?

All our events are to be pre-booked, and paid for in advance. This ensures that we know how many will be in attendance for the sake of resources being provided, and also how many we can fit into the event comfortably. If we have last minute spaces available that you've seen advertised on Facebook or Instagram, call us on 07828 882798 or message us to get the place secured beforehand. Hosts do not take payments at events, as these are all dealt with by Serenity so that they can give their full attention to attendees.

Can you give me more information about yoga classes?

Our yoga instructor Emma, manages her own class schedules, and is probably the best person to be able to give you the finer details of the types of yoga and who they're suited to, class times and availability, and other possible venues too. It's therefore essential to contact her directly, as she doesn't always have drop-in space available. You can email her on emmaliveyoga@gmail.com

I'm booked for a workshop/meditation at Guisborough, how early do I need to be there?

Just 5 minutes really. We have to get the rooms all set for events, and depending on what is being offered, the host will need to settle themselves in to teaching mode. As we don't have a large waiting area, and Hidden Gems is a rather small shop, congregating in the shop is challenging for their customers. Whilst we want to make sure you too are settled before the class begins, there's time allowed to do that when everyone turns up, so there's no need to turn up too early.

I'd like to book a reading with Richard Cuthbert over at his Baker Street rooms please?

We only manage bookings with Richard at our Guisborough premises. The Baker Street, Middlesbrough room is Richard's own personal premises, and so those bookings need to be made with him directly. You can do this through his website www.RichardCuthbert.co.uk

Serenity in Saltburn Retail FAQ's

I need a gift voucher and some crystals, can I pop by the shop in Guisborough to collect?
Sadly not. We only open the Guisborough premises for organised events. If you wish to purchase gift vouchers you can get them online to download and print, or we can post them out at you request. Any retail purchases online, can be delivered locally within Saltburn free of charge, and for £2.95 elsewhere, or if you're spending over £20, then delivery is free anywhere in the U.K. (exceptions may apply on certain postcodes).

Am I able to see in person, your products? 
Yes, absolutely
. We can arrange by appointment, the opportunity to show you items of interest from our Serenity Therapies space. Whilst we don't have a shop, we do hold stock and so if you're local, or visiting Saltburn, you can arrange a private shopping trip!
We will also be at various events in the local area throughout the year. You can find details of those as they're organised, on our Events page on Facebook and the website, here. We also arrange open house sessions from Serenity Therapies, where you'll have the opportunity to drop by, have a cuppa, and peruse all the lovely goodies we currently have in stock. Details of those will also be on the events page as they're organised.

Did you used to have a shop, or am I thinking of someone else?
We've had shops in Guisborough, and more recently in Saltburn. Business evolves constantly, and with the challenges of High Street shopping, the rise in online shopping, and personal circumstances changing, we decided to go fully online to be able to focus on bringing you more beautiful things, with even better prices and customer service. So you may very well be thinking of us, you're not going mad.

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