25/04/22 - Online Booking Returns

During the pandemic, online booking was removed from our website to allow us to manage the number of clients we saw each day and maximise massage time effectively. Now that we are seeing things return to our pre-pandemic capacity, we were very keen to bring back the convenience of 24/7 booking for those clients who like to browse availability when it comes to mind. That's not always during office hours!
Our new booking system is simple (we believe) and allows you to confirm your booking immediately with payment in full. You can even book our monthly offers! Promo days are still managed manually due to system limitations, so get in touch if you have a desire to book in for those. 

01/04/22 - Price Increase

Due to the huge increases in electricity and gas from April 1st, we will be increasing our prices from May 1st, 2022.

14/02/22 - Availability Update

We are currently operating at full availability.
Covid cleaning precautions remain in place.
Masks are optional for all our clients.

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