Serenity Recommends

Althought we'd like to, Serenity can't provide everything you may find of interest. So we're steadily putting together a page of our favourite places and people, services and products, for you to refer to in the knowledge that we've tried and tested the quality of what's on offer.
Hope you find what you're looking for!
Kat & Jonny

We Love.....

Emma - Web.png

British Wheel of Yoga Instructor

Emma Live Yoga

Emma Live YogaWhether you have a preference for Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Yin, if you're a beginner or an experienced Yogi, Emma offers something for all. She provides a range of regular classes at Serenity, Guisborough, but has numerous other venues too, including from her own home for smaller groups, including 1:1.
Full details of all Emma's classes can be found on her website.

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Psychic Medium

Richard Cuthbert

Richard has been offering readings and mediumship demonstrations at Serenity for almost 10 years. We'd love to see you at some of the events he hosts at Serenity, but if you're struggling to make one, he also does 1:1 sessions from his own room at Baker St. in Middlesbrough, and offers house parties too.
Full details can be found on his website.

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Indigo Holistics

Sara Carlton

Sara trained and worked with Serenity back in 2014/2015 and offers a wide range of therapies from her own therapy space in Whitby.
A warm welcome is guaranteed, and Sara's genuine love for her therapies shines through.
If you're visiting Whitby, why not book yourself a bit of relaxation time.
You can find full details of her services and prices on her website.

Kirsty - Web.jpg

Holistic Therapist

Kirsty McKay

Kirsty trained and worked with Serenity for a number of years, and continues to work from Serenity in Guisborough.
Offering a wide range of therapies, all of a fantastic standard that we ourselves enjoy whenever we can. 
Full details of all Kirsty's therapies can be found on her Facebook page.