We so often see it, someone with such a need for a massage to ease pain, or Reiki to de-stress the mind, but they simply cannot stretch the budget to afford one.
It’s often seen as a luxury, not a necessity, and so the body and mind inevitably get left by the wayside and nothing changes.

We’d like to change that!

Pay it Forward with Serenity works in two ways:

  • Donate or

  • Nominate

To Donate Directly

  • use the 'Donate Now' link on the right;

  • pop by Serenity in Saltburn to donate in person;

  • add a donation to the payment of your own therapy.

To Nominate

  • drop us a line via Facebook, email or letter, with details of the person you’d like to nominate and why;

  • Serenity also see an awful lot of people who would benefit, and so often we'll offer the treatment directly to someone who needs it.

THIS IS HOW SERENITY WILL be helping to add to the Pay it Forward fund.....

Events and fundraising takes place throughout the year in the form of raffles etc, and all profits are put into the Pay it Forward fund.

See full terms and conditions of the scheme below.

Do something special for someone!
You never know, someone may return the favour when you most need it. 

Terms & Conditions

Please read fully to ensure you understand how our Pay it Forward scheme works for those making and receiving donations and making and receiving nominations.


  • Donations cannot be refunded.

  • Donations can be of any value when in store or at the therapy space, but a minimum of a £1 when donating via our website link.

  • Each donation is logged including the name of the person donating, though this is not required if putting loose change in our collection box at the shop. .

  • All donations are collected and recorded in our 'Pay it Forward' account book, to be used only on nominations.

  • Collection box donations are logged when the box is emptied.

  • The fund will be deducted by £25 for each 30 minute session given as a donation to cover all administrative and financial costs involved with providing the service. 

  • Therapists are not donating time, donations are paying for a service to be provided at the above rate, to a person nominated to receive it.​


  • Nominations must be received in writing, via email, Facebook message or letter.

  • All nominations are considered individually, so as much detail about why you feel someone should receive a therapy should be given to help us.

  • Services are limited only to what is in the fund. Without donations there are no therapies available to be provided.

  • Therapies have our standard 48 hour cancellation policy applied.

  • Recipients of the gifted therapy will remain anonymous, unless they choose to divulge the information. Serenity will not use the recipients name without the express written consent of the recipient.

  • As we are able to speak personally with people who have visited us to discuss their health and financial situations, we reserve the right to nominate a recipient where our offers are still out of their reach financially, and where we feel they would benefit from a therapy session. A record of our nomination will be put in writing, available to be viewed by request, protecting identities where necessary.


A statement of account for all donations and gifted therapies can be viewed by request on the current premises of Serenity Therapies, with 7 days written request.
Identities of donators and recipients will remain anonymous for reasons of Data Protection.

Queries relating to the Pay it Forward scheme at Serenity should be forwarded to

Last revision: October 18th 2018

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