Self-Care for a Frozen Shoulder

This is something we see a fair bit, and a complaint that many really struggle with easing. Pain and stiffness in the shoulder area can last for months, if not years, and it's not unreasonable to take regular painkillers to deal with it. Why it happens, is unclear. Sometimes it can be an injury or after you've had surgery, and those with diabetes seem more prone.

What is most lacking, as implied by the name of the condition, is movement - things seem to be frozen stiff. So, the key thing is to get it moving. Adding heat to the area can help to loosen the muscles and a good physio will give suitable exercises to do.

Adding massage into your self-care routine for a frozen shoulder can definitely increase the rate of recovery, helping to loosen the muscles with the heat that's created from friction, and easing into particularly tight areas, with good direction from you, the client on what pressure feels comfortable.

In addition to this, you can also self-treat using essential oils.....and a cabbage!

Say what?

Yep, you read it right, a cabbage!

Well, more specifically, the cabbage leaf. Warming a cabbage leaf with an iron (under a cloth of course), and placing on the affected area while it's warm for ten minutes before massaging an oil blend into the area.

Research shows that cabbage leaves have amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help with pain and swelling.

I know! The sheer power of nature!

Take your cabbage and cut away the hard stem and with a rolling pin, flatten the leaves to release the natural juices until it's floppy enough to mould over your shoulder. Place under a teacloth and with an iron, warm the cabbage leaf for a minute or two before placing it onto the affected area. Leave it there for ten minutes and repeat if necessary.

Once you've done this, you can now apply an oil blend to further help with inflammation and pain and to loosen those muscles off. And it'll be easier because you've already started the process.

This blend of oils is by far my favourite for frozen shoulder and will work well with any stiff or inflamed muscle or joint.

Use regularly, along with the cabbage or without, and be sure to get yourself booked in for a regular massage that will ensure the areas surrounding the frozen shoulder are worked out too. When one area of the body is in distress it can easily cause disruption in other areas, and the back and shoulders isn't the easiest place to reach by yourself!

And remember, we're always ready to help!

Need essential oils? You can buy them from us here.

Need a cabbage? Check out your local grocer or supermarket. ;)

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