Fancy carving a new career for yourself?
Or perhaps adding to your current skills.

Our training packages give you the opportunity to make a saving when committing to study a number of courses with us.
You'll save at least £100 off the full cost of the combined courses when they're purchased individually, and can study at any time within 2 years from purchase.
We operate an open diary policy for training at Serenity, which essentially means that you give us an idea of when you'd like to do your training, and so long as we have a tutor available, we'll book the date just for you.
We always aim to get other students on the same date, as we find it makes learning more enjoyable, and is a great opportunity to practice your skills on each other on the day. However a course will never be cancelled just because there's only one person on it. You've made that commitment, and so will we.

Holistic Training Package (B) contains the following training:

  • Anatomy & Physiology (Home Study) - RP £125
  • Swedish Massage (2.5 Day Course) - RP £375
  • Reflexology (3.5 Day Course) - RP £495
  • Indian Head Massage (1 Day Course) - RP £150

Total Course Value: £1145

Upon purchasing this package, you'll immediately receive the Anatomy & Physiology course via email. You can complete this at your own pace, sending us modules one at a time as you complete them, or all at once.
* Completion of the A&P course is required before undertaking the reflexology and Swedish course, but is not essential to go ahead with the other course in this package.

Then we'll be in touch to see which course you'd like to do first and get you a date booked. If you'd like to book ahead for all courses, we can do that too. Booking further ahead will ensure you get the dates you want.


All courses must be completed within 2 years of purchase, this includes your practical assessments for the aromatherapy course. Full details of each individual course can be found at

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss any aspect of the package, the courses themselves, or if you'd like to pay by instalments. We require a £100 deposit which enable you to receive the anatomy course immediately, and then arrangements for the balance can be made to suit your needs.


* All courses are accredited with The Guild of Holistic Therapists, are equivalent to a level 3 qualification, and allow you to practice as a professional therapist upon completion.


PLEASE NOTE: Take time to read through our training booking policies before purchasing this item. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.

Holistic Training Package (C)


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