It's nice to be recommended, and if you're doing that for us, then we'd like to offer something in return!​

Tell a friend about Serenity Therapies, and should they decide to book a treatment with us, they'll receive £5 off their treatment cost. And for recommending them, you'll get the same in return!

Simply pick up one of our Recommend a Friend leaflets from:

  • Serenity Therapies (when you're in for a massage perhaps)

  • Print one off from the image to the right (it opens in a pop up for you - click it, go on!) 

Complete your name, your friend's name, and hand it to your friend for when they decide to call us.

Once they've been to us, your account will be credited with £5. You can collect as many as you like and save them up if you like. 

If you've not been to us yet, but have heard good things, that's OK. We'll simply create a profile for you if a leaflet comes our way with your name on. You may want to include an email address on the leaflet for yourself too, so we can tell you we've given you the credit.

Those are the terms and conditions in a nutshell really. 
Oh, and credit has no expiry, so you really can save them up and perhaps get yourself a free treatment at some point.

P.S. Thanks for thinking we're good enough to recommend. It really means a lot!

Recommend a Friend