Our aim is to offer a wide range of therapies that will help to improve and maintain your wellbeing. We pride ourselves on adapting any treatment to suit any issue, and will only decline to offer treatment if we feel it would be detrimental to your health.

In the modern world there are so many factors that we find difficult to change, even to improve our health. Stress and poor posture related to jobs, concerns about family and friends, money worries, diets full of processed foods, all contribute to things like insomnia, emotional outbursts or low moods, depression, anxiety, and of course physical issues such as aches and pains. If left, they can cause chronic conditions that then become more of a challenge to heal.

Partaking in regular complementary therapies can improve many of these issues, which can in turn, help us to cope better with the initial cause of the stress.

It's important to realise that receiving a massage, taking an hour out for yourself, even just once a month, is not selfish, it's not indulgent. It's an extremely helpful way of maintaining the health of our body and mind.


We only really get one house to live in, in this life.

Let us help you take care of it!

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