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Our highly trained therapists are able to offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments, all of which are able to be tailored to your individual needs. If you'd like to discuss your requirements before booking, we'll be happy to help guide you to the therapy that will be most suited to you.

Contact us or click Book Online for up to date availability.

When booking online, you will be required to pay a £10 deposit to secure the appointment of your choice.
If you have a voucher or wish to pay in full, please call us. You can still check availability online, but our booking system, unfortunately, does not offer the option of submitting voucher codes or selecting to pay in full for your treatment.

Please Note:
We are only able to provide one treatment at a time, as we only have one therapy room.
Treatments are provided at our Saltburn Therapy Space. We are unable to provide mobile services.

Energy Therapies

This group of therapies includes reiki and crystal therapy. Using energy helps to ease mental, emotional, and spiritual stresses. When these aspects of ourselves are in balance we can see changes occurring in our physical health too over time.

When booking an energy therapy, you can choose to have either reiki or crystal therapy alone or have them combined. The only choice to make after that is how long you'll stay!

If you can't make it to us because of ill health or distance, you can also opt for distant healing. Further details will be taken once a booking is made.

30 mins - (Distance) - £20

30 mins - £25

60 mins - £35

90 mins - £45

Body Massage

This collection of therapies are hands-on massages that includes:

facial massage;
Swedish massage;


Indian head massage;

Hopi candling.

You can also add any therapy from the energy section:


crystal therapy.

When you book for body massage you can choose which therapies you'd like straight away, or on the day when you arrive, giving you the flexibility to choose what will feel most beneficial for you the moment you arrive.

Your choice can be guided by your therapist if you feel unsure of what may work well for your mood or physical state, or the timing of your session. Or you can make the decision yourself, even down to how much time is spent on each treatment type.
This is a purely bespoke session.*


30 mins - £30

45 mins - £40

60 mins - £48

90 mins - £60

120 mins - £75


* Timings for each therapy you choose to experience may need to be adapted to suit the nature of that treatment. E.G. Hopi candles take 10 mins on each side to burn down, and time to open the candles afterward, so 25 mins will need to be allowed for this to get the full benefit. 

Remedial Massage

If you have been dealing with pain created by a heavy job or have had long-term issues with stress-tension, remedial may be the massage you require. This is an extremely deep tissue massage and so should be booked with caution. If you feel you need guidance on which treatment to book for, you should contact us first.*

30 mins - £35

45 mins - £50

60 mins - £60

* Your needs will be discussed during your consultation before commencing your treatment and if your therapist feels that this is not the appropriate treatment for you, you will be offered an alternative body massage and be charged accordingly. 

Heated Massage

Therapies in this category include:

lava shell massage;

hot stone massage.

Heat-based therapies have a wonderful way of getting deep into the muscle with less pressure than other heavier treatments. The warmth is comforting and deeply relaxing, and combined with hands-on aspects makes for a very enjoyable therapy.


30 mins - £40

45 mins - £48

60 mins - £60

~ Therapist Recommendation ~
If you're looking for relaxation and something that combines warmth with a traditional body massage, Lava Shell massage is the best choice. Hot stone treatments work well to get the heat into the muscles, however, the shell massage uses the shell much more effectively to manipulate the heat into those nooks around the neck. 

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